detective-1424831_640How is the FIND guide delivered?

It’s a digital download just after checkout, so you can start shooting with your film gear immediately.

How much is the FIND guide?

$149.  Much less than the cost of buying the wrong film gear on eBay if you’re trying to tackle film shooting solo.

How much of the FIND workshop is covered in this guide?

Most of the film shooting bits.  This book doesn’t cover anything that’s specific to shooting weddings, which the workshop covers heavily.  The guide also contains 0% of my knowledge about business.  To get the nitty-gritty business details, you’ll have to attend a FIND workshop.

Is there a refund policy for the FIND guide?

Nope.  This book is flawless, in my opinion, and you’re going to love it.

Will there be a printed version of the FIND guide available?

I’m working on it for 2012.

Where do I buy, again?

Just click here, my friend.  Welcome to the FIND family.