…FIND is a triumph.  Jonathan has boiled down his 10 years of film-shooting experience to solid gold.

Amelia Johnson

The Film is Not Dead guide is a staple every photographer should not be without. I don’t care if you shoot digital or film, it will make you a better photographer by inspiring you to find your voice, to shoot what you
love, and to add a little film back into who you and what you are trying to say to the world. Sometimes seeing who you are can be difficult when you are staring at the back of an LCD screen.

– Kim Orlandini

Film seems so mysterious to those who have either not shot it in a long time or who have never shot it. Jon demystifies it and gives you all of the tools and information you need to get that film camera out of storage and start shooting it again.

Bonnie Berry

The price on the guidebook is ridiculous. Seriously ridiculous. He should be charging WAY more for this wealth of information. Basically, he’s giving it all away. But, you know what, that’s Jon. He wants you to be successful. He wants you to love film and shooting film as much as he does.

— Aileen Reilly

A lot of people have the pretense that photographing with film is scary because we are slowly losing the basics of photography that you are forced to learn when you photograph with film. The FIND guide is easy to
read and simple to understand, and breaks down that scary pretense.

– Esther Beazer