Shooting a wedding video couldn’t get any better. Below are some surefire basic tips that will help you ace the video especially if you are just a beginner.

video-camera-1197571_640Be Ready
To make sure that you shoot a good film, you need to be prepared beforehand. You can set up a meeting with the wedding couple and get to know their expectations. This way you will be aware of what they want featured in their video. You could also have a visit to the venue so that you could see for yourself the various strategic places where you will position the cameras.
On the actual day make sure you are as light as a feather to make sure that you are able to move properly.

When shooting a video, you should carry the necessary materials needed, and as a matter of fact, the adequate equipment’s. Make sure the batteries are charged always and ready. If more than one camera is in action, make sure you have an assistant(s) to make sure they’re all catered for. Also ensure that you have enough blank tapes, a lens cleaning cloth, as it is bound to get dusty or smudged. You also need a tripod, an extension cord for power supply, a microphones and lighting gears.

The location of your camera(s) is very important. When you place the cameras at strategic places where every memorable moment will be captured, then you’re sure you won’t miss on a thing. Make sure you capture the vows well, cake cutting ceremony, the dancing, and any other moment that is memorable to the couple. This way you will shoot a detailed video, and a detailed video is one worth watching over and over.

Have a Tripod
This is a must have equipment. A five-foot tall tripod will do. The tripod holds the camera firm and steady thus chances of blurred and shaky videos will not be a problem. A tripod is advantageous because as it holds the camera rock-steady, you’ll have the freedom to zoom and pan the camera for a clear footage.

bride-458119_640Little Movements
Steady, slow movements is the way to go. If you need to get closer or a bit further for good filming, it is advisable to zoom in or out. And as much as you’ll be zooming, make sure it’s to the right limits to enhance clear films.

This is a very crucial part. The vows made by the groom and bride need to be heard in the video. How do you go about to get a good audio? You should make sure that you position the camera close enough to the target parties. You should also ensure that noise does not interfere with recording the parties. To make sure this is not an obstacle, get as close as possible to the microphone. As you concentrate on acing the audio, a good shoot will complement the video.

In case of locations with poor lighting, you should ensure that you have the right lighting gears, for example a video light. Under poor lighting conditions, the footage will appear darker and a little harder to watch. Lightings enables you to make well-lit videos and quality ones. Too much light is not good either because it causes shadows of the targeted subjects.